Sleep is one of the most essential elements in the process of our lives. It is the key factor that controls our health and regulates the functioning of our organs and gland systems. It is vital for the normal functioning of the human being and without it, our minds can deteriorate and we could die. According to the statistical analysis, we sleep for 1/3 of our lives. It is directly associated with the moods of our being, and decided by the quality of our sleep. It is not the period of length in which we sleep, but rather it is the quality of sleep that we get which promotes our good health and make us able to work properly and productively.

Here again, technology serves as a helping hand and presents you with a gift from its devices collection; providing us with the information about the accurate sleep pattern and tenure. Here’s when ZEO SLEEP MANAGER steps in. It gives us basic data about the modes of sleep, i.e., the light sleep where we dream and the deep sleep and all the sleep stages in between.  It plots a graph for us according to which we can sleep and when we wake up, we are in an optimal state to perform our daily routines with more optimal efficiency, reducing the feeling of being sluggish when you’re not at a low point in your circadian rhythm.

 The device is combined with the sleep graph plotter, and an automatic alarm that works by coordinating with the plotter. The alarm is termed as the SMART WAKE which wakes us up on the completion of our optimal sleep pattern plotted by the device. It is a sort of headband which employs a patent-pending soft waves sensor technology that is responsible for tracking the sleep patterns for the end user. It provides harmless electronic signals to the brain which then co-ordinates with the device.

In addition to this headband, there is a bedside display that shows the sleep pattern being organized by your sleep manager. It reveals your sleep pattern in the form of a graph which carries peaks that indicate your light sleep and deep sleep, and an automated awakening point on which the smart wake works bringing the person awake. It is the personal trainer who trains you to sleep properly without any disruption in its working.

In addition to plotting the graph for your sleep patterns, it calculates your ZQ number which is the co-efficient of determining the sleep both qualitatively and quantitatively. With this sleep coach, one can improve the standard of pattern of sleep, and after getting a proper and sound sleep you can render your life more effectively and improving your overall health and your nightly/natural physical repair routine. It also provides us with all the related information worth learning: the factors affecting our sleep, the disruptions which appear during sleep, etc. By analyzing these factors, improve and reduce these divisions to aid maintaining sound health via proper and tension free sleep, with the help of this modern technology based gift.


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