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The Future In Disguise: Everything To Know About iPhone 8

In mid-September of last year Apple released iPhone 7 and iPhone7 Plus. What an amazing year it has been for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, ranking in amazing profits, and currently one of the hottest selling smart phone all over the world. We saw upgrades with iPhone 7 and its bigger brother the 7 Plus, but however we hope to see something outright spectacular from Apple iPhone 8. and iPhone 8+. Let’s see how the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus will measure up. 
We all can agree that the iPhone 7 and Plus is great, but it wasn’t at all a noticeable difference from the iPhone 6, besides the dual camera feature. We are expecting something really amazing this year with the iPhone 8. Apple is working on different designs for the leading smartphone, it won’t contain physical home buttons, equipped with bright colors, and slimmer sides. 

Apple iPhone 8 Specs: 

iPhone 8 will have glass in back and rear with metal frame in between, equipped with wireless charging, and a charging time from 0 to 100 percent within 20 minutes. That’s perfect for those who are constantly on the go. 

Apple will no longer use the old Touch ID button; a new synaptic touch ID will be used which can detect fingerprints from display and pressure sensitive display. It’s rumored that the iPhone 8 will come equipped with a IPS LCD or possibly OLED display, Apple has not confirmed this as yet, but let’s keep our fingers crossed. 
Apple iPhone 8: What’s To Be Expected? It’s no doubt in our minds Apple iPhone 8 is going to be the best smartphone on the market with premium features, and specs you just can’t experience on any other smart device. 

iPhone 8: Display & Design 

Rumor has it that iPhone 8 Smartphone will be large in size with a 5.8-inch OLED display, which can be a good move as these days people prefer to use larger display phones. The iPhone 8 will come protected with Gorilla Glass 5 technology, so no worries about worthless monthly phone insurance cost. 

Camera features: 

We all know Apple doesn’t believe in increasing megapixels. As we have seen iPhone 7 with just 12 MP cameras and is far better in quality as compare to 20 MP cameras of its competitors. We have seen amazing dual lens camera with iPhone7+ and hoping something spectacular with upcoming iPhone 8 as well. 
Apple iPhone 8 will have a 16 MP primary camera with upgraded f/1.7 aperture lens for better images even in low lights with 4k recording, if you’re vlogger then you’re pretty amped about this. Front camera will be equipped with, 8 MP camera with Autofocus, HDR, panorama and face detection features. 

Apple iPhone 8 Price & Release Date: 

You can expect iPhone 8 to be on the expensive side, but a small price to pay for Apple iPhone Lovers. We can expect Apple to introduce iPhone8 and iPhone 8 Plus with a price bracket of about $1200 USD. The trend for iPhone releases has been the month of September. In 2016 Apple revealed iPhone 7 at the IFA event in September, and we are expecting something similar for iPhone 8 as well. 
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