Diabetic Retinopathy and Glaucoma are the two prime causes of vision loss and blindness in humans. Retinopathy is regarded as the damage caused by high level of sugars on the tiny blood vessels in the retina. On another hand, Glaucoma is optic nerve damage due to high blood pressure in the vessels of the eye. Treatment for Glaucoma is present in the form of eye drops that lowers the blood pressure and relieves the tensed muscles of the retina. Chemical treatment for Retinopathy is also under investigation by teams of scientists. They are in a continuous effort to investigate various peptide and drug therapies, to cure the problem.

Lending thanks to the advanced technologies which enables us to investigate and develop modern techniques to cure our chronic and even fatal diseases. For this problem, there also appears to be a potential for a solution in the form of SMART CONTACT LENSES. These are miniature chips in combination with sensors and hair-thin antenna, that are used for the transmission of data. Companies like Google, Sony, and Samsung, are in continuous effort to be the first in launching their smart lenses with their name on it.

Even the revolutionary grounds in this field are continuously in exploration in adding LED lights that will signal a wearer for any imbalance in blood glucose level. With this upcoming technology, the diabetic patients will be gifted, as they will come to know about their sugar levels without hurting or pricking themselves with the current needle poke readers. It not only aids in vision but also helps in estimation and monitoring of blood glucose level.

The lenses are made up of two soft silicone hydro-gel layers that carry a ring-shaped circuit in between which is used for receiving stimuli and for data transmission. The circuit comprises of these components:

  • Electrochemical Glucose Sensor that senses any increase or decrease in glucose level.
  • Delivery System that carries 10 drug reservoirs - which are tiny chambers that allow the release of drugs, so it can clear any tension in the nerves of the retina.
  • Inductive Oil to receive wireless power from the glasses.

The whole mechanism works on a rely system. When the amount of glucose increases in the blood, it is dropped in the form of tears. These tear readings activate the sensors which produce a relay current that encodes the information on the chip and the LED light present on the glasses; lighting up and signaling the high glucose levels in the body.

The most interesting application of these smart lenses is the improvement in the vision without glasses. The conventional power glass optics, even used for a long time, cannot improve the vision rather they can just aid the vision for a short period. The smart lenses enhance the vision without any supervision. The technical improvements are on their way to success. One of their successes is the continuous effort for the invention of DEEP OPTICS that works on the same principle as that by a standard smart lens. It treats the problem of farsightedness that affects almost 1 billion people.

In the near future, the circuits on the glasses would be automated in discerning when and how much of the drug is required to treat the incapability in any case. Its efficient inner workings are guaranteed and is also aiming to be considered reliable. This will make the modern equipment to be leading in demand as The Cure for correcting vision ailments.


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