Trying to organize your life? But you don’t know how exactly to do it… or from where to start?? In this reference, nowadays a trending feature is on the go and that is the hack tricks with which you can organize yourself and can accomplish your tasks in no time. For instance, you want to catch your favorite show on TV, but simultaneously you need to cook a meal…then place a wooden spoon on the rim of the pan, and it will prevent the food contents from boiling out of the container. A little hack can change any circumstance, and you can do both things i.e. catch your episode and cook smartly. But wait!!!! What if you forget that you have placed a pan on the stove for cooking?

In this context, here the technology has rendered you a helping hand and launched inbuilt mobile applications that will help you to stay organized not only at home but also at your work. It will add a discipline to your irregular routine and will make you more vigilant at performing your daily tasks with much needed structure. Here is a list of a few applications that will support making your life much easier. Your simple solution could be to just download these applications in your cell, put them to use, and operate your practical life with your smart phones.

The wish list of these whimsical applications, starts with the most demanded one: MINT. Always aim to manage your finances, but never quite get around to writing out your balance sheet of life’s expenses? Then it is simplified with this digital financial planner that consolidates your finances for you by keeping keen tracking on your transactions and purchases via credit cards or bank account. You only need to enter your credit card and banking details in this application, and then leave the rest to it. It will make the process tension free, as all your transactions and purchases are being checked and noted in a digital dairy.

Are you fed up with your memory? As your weak or overwhelmed memory makes you forget important tasks to perform, it leaves you eluded with the inability to store valuable information. Try: EVERNOTE! It is the best application for taking notes like your very own personal secretary, and digitally saves them so you don’t have to fear losing them. You can place reminders and can record audio/video notes on this application.

Your daily routine can be organized by a to-do-list planner: ANY.DO. It is a perfect to-do planner and adds your routine with schedules and timings. It reminds you of important meetings and events listed for the day, seamlessly, without any hustle or bustle. You just have to swipe on the application and you can easily see the next task to be done on the list.

One of the biggest miseries in our fast life is that we often forget important and confidential passwords that are sometimes crucially important. Now you don’t have to worry because a perfect solution has been created: LASTPASS, serving you for this purpose. Your mobile app will store all the confidential passwords and pin codes. You must only remember a single Master Password code to operate this application while all of your saved list of codes and passwords will be in front of you. For desktop use, you’re prompted each time you fill out a new password, to save that into your LastPass, with one click of a button. To make this program even better, you can organize or file the passwords however you would like, and you can easily find a specific one by using the search bar. My favorite feature of LastPass, is that you can allow someone else access into any saved account you need to provide permission to, without having to supply them with your actual login details, and you can disable their access at any time! This is a fantastic feature for keeping your accounts safe, and for those who hire freelancers online.

As a person of business or keeper of records, being away from your documents makes accessing them when needed, impossible, as you cannot carry them all with you, with ease. For this purpose, download an application known as SHOEBOXED. It is a mobile app in which you can put together the necessary receipts, expense reports, and legal documentation without having the burden of carrying your heavy folders with you. It will also provide confidentiality and privacy. Your important documents are safe and secure in your mobile application, to which you can have easy access.

Looking to increase your techniques at becoming a kitchen maestro; then you must have HOW TO COOK EVERYTHING and PINTEREST. Both applications can guide your culinary abilities, by providing you with ready to cook techniques and dish recipes that will help you to select the meal, snack and entertaining ideas.

To master another area of your life, now you can manage your wardrobe on your phone with the fantastic application: STYLEBOOK. If you think that you have nothing to wear each time then stop worrying about it. With a little legwork, snap out all the attires in your closet, mark the favorites out of them or you can plan your dress code on your calendar. It also provides you with information related to the items that are worth investing.





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