In love with your garden, but also subject to the demands of everyday life? Self-watering containers/planters are a helping hand for the modern gardeners, which takes the continuous effort of watering their plants, off your hands. These planters work on the principle of a reservoir system where a storage tank is present at the bottom and always filled with water. Soil soaks water from the bottom of the tank, replenishing their required fill of water and supplementing other water based and dependent nutrients. A leak hole is also available so excess of water will be self-drained.

The reservoir system makes an efficient mode for the conductance of water to the roots. It stores water in the tank while reducing exposure to the external harsh conditions. The water stored in the tank is not exposed to sunlight to prevent loss by evaporation, nor it can be transpired from the surface of leaves as the water is not sprinkled at the surface of leaves. The plants are also saved from all sorts of fungal and algal diseases as the present water in the reservoir is covered and cannot be exposed and contaminated by any sort of disease causing agents. 

Saving time and relieving exhaustive efforts has become a modern gift of technology. It not only helps you to replenish your loving garden with demands of water, but time is on your side when you don’t need to quarrel with the water pipes, weathered hoses to untangle and then to give a half an hour to an hour duty for watering all your beloved plants. It removes the guess work in over-watering as well so that you don’t lose all your hard-planted work. So kick your feet up and simmer in the beauty of the outdoors, because this self-watering planter is going to feed your plants for you.

Self-watering planters presently come in a variety of designs ranging from decorative to traditional, and utilitarian ones. These utilitarian ones are mainly used for vegetable growth and are mainly supplied for organic home gardening. Typically, the utilitarian is called Grow Boxes and are distributed by vendors such as Grow Pear and can be found by looking up Self Watering Grow Boxes. 

These self-watering containers are usually quite beneficial. They contain a continuous supply of water and within their process, the root of plants stretches to reach to the water level to replenish their nutritional demand. This not only encourages growth enhancement, but maintains a healthy supply level. Abstaining from the typical habit that causes the surrounding soil and the roots of plant to be too wet or too dry at times. The adaptation of self-watering containers, aids to maintain a fine equilibrium between the plant’s root osmotic potential and the quantity of water present in the container.

This technique of self-watering by containers is efficient by transferring the present nutrients to the plant, decreasing loss. With the typical watering techniques, the nutrients diffuse off from the medium, and organic matter is added to capture the available nutrients in the water. Technological advances in gardening, improves this technique by using any lost nutrients during watering, by reusing them again from the side jug.  

This root supporting system replenishes the demands of the roots. Having a healthy root system is the foundation to your flourishing garden. Dependent upon the root structure, the real activity happening underground will multiply the nutritional cycle and backing the vivacious process. This benefit not only saves time but also saves us from monotonous activity watering the plants during our busy lives. The only requirement to carry out this augmentation, is to monitor the container, making having a bountiful garden, within our grasps among our modern world.


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