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How to get free Apple, Samsung, and other tech devices for free!

One of the reoccurring responses we get at @MyDeviceSlice is, I can't afford tech devices like MacBooks, and iPads. Let's face it a MacBook Pro will literally break your bank account!

So us kind people at @MyDeviceSlice came up with a genius plan! We decided to create a company that rewards people with devices they love, just for being awesome  people!

In this blog post we want to break down in detail just how to get the tech devices you love for absolutely FREE. It's very simple!

Now imagine waking up and checking your email or social media to find out you just won yourself a brand new MacBook Pro, how would that experience make you feel?

We know going through the daunting process of working a job day in and day out is tiresome. Especially if you're living pay check to pay check. Only getting an inch ahead, but soon as a hiccup comes around you're back to square one. The physical, mental, and emotional stress finances can caused, it's one of the sole reasons we started @MyDeviceSlice to shed a little light in people's lives and give them an opportunity to have something they really want without cutting budget or breaking the bank.

How would you feel not having to spend thousands of dollars on something you really wanted and get for absolutely free. Sounds unbelievable, but we people here @MyDeviceSlice are for the people, so spend sometime with us and see just how cool we are!


Step 1. Head over to and fill out the survey so that we can get to know you better.

Step 2. Sign up to our email list and enter to win.

Step 3. Pay close attention to your email, Facebook, twitter, and Instagram to see if you are the @MyDeviceSlice prize winner.

That's It! Simple enough right, well we hope so. Become a part of @MyDeviceSlice community, and go ahead and spread the word to your friends, so they can earn free stuff too!

Hey, don't keep all the good stuff to yourself!

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