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Entertainment has come quite a long way since the olden times and it is the best right now than it has ever been. Yet every day, new developments in the technological world see us further advancing in this magical realm and we are left dumbfounded at the utter facility and convenience these devices bring to our lives.

Media streamers, in the very recent past and the present, have been catching a lot of wind and are gradually becoming more and more commonplace, helping our bland old TVs to become so much more interesting and fun to interact with.

Apple has been a front-runner when it comes to interactive media technology and there is little surprise in the fact that it leads the variety of media streamers as well. The latest installment in Apple’s line of media streamers is the Apple TV 4th Generation, and it has met everyone’s elevated expectations and more. 


The device itself is simplistic: a simple black box with the familiar Apple logo situated dead center. But what is probably the most interesting part of the system, is the remote. The new Siri remote sees itself being quite a bit different than the remote Apple offered in earlier versions. The integrated battery in the remote allows for a much longer lifespan, a full charge lasting for months before needing to be charged through its Lightning Port. a track pad allows you to select shows and flip between options while you can also directly voice your desire to your TV using Siri. but if you would like, you can even use your iPhone as the remote.

You can simply connect and stream anything from your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Other than that, you may also connect to iTunes and stream already bought movies and songs. With the 4th generation, you can also purchase other apps such as for games and such and they work fast and intuitively. The interface is easy to use and takes very little time to get used to. You can switch between apps by double clicking the home button on the remote which is really convenient. In the tvOS, the icons are large and navigation has been made quite simple to keep your experience quick and precise. You can also arrange your apps into folders, and make your home neat and tidy. 

All in all, the Apple TV 4th Generation offers much more than other media streamers out there by keeping it simple and developing features that are actually facilitative.

If you are an Apple enthusiast and already own several Apple gadgets, then you should add the Apple TV 4th Generation to your shopping cart right away. However, if you are not akin to the above description, but are looking for a way to enhance your entertainment experience at home, then the Apple TV 4th Generation is the ideal choice as your home entertainment device owing to its meticulous design and unparalleled performance. There’s no wisdom in compromising on quality entertainment! 

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